Our mission

It’s pretty simple: Our mission is to move the needle for our clients. And it all starts with “communication and transparency”.  From the very beginning, we ask all of our clients, “What does success look like”, and then we manage the relationship based on these stated key performance indicators. 

Core goals

  • To be transparent with our customers.

  • To always look at the bigger picture when making decisions.

  • To be relentless in our follow-up.

  • To never offer excuses.

  • To keep learning new things.

Our experience

Digital Marketing- 20 years
Creative Design – 18 years
Media Planning & Buying – 30 years
Video Production – 25 years
Data Integration – 20 years


Meet the Key Contacts at Cyrid Media

Mark Dolan

Cyrid Media Founder

Mark is  founder of Cyrid Media and co-founder of Essex Digital Platform, a sister company of Cyrid Media.

Renée DeLuca Dolan

President/ Contempo Commmunications

Renée's creative talent and marketing acumen is showcased in all of her work. As President of Contempo Communications, Renée excels in developing meaningful creative that reflects our clients' key performance indicators for any given campaign.

Tom Lucarelli

VP of Operations

Tom is the glue that holds Cyrid Media together. His organizational skills and firm understanding of media makes him invaluable both internally with our employees and externally with our clients.

Tom Kramer

EDP Co-Founder

Tom is the Co-Founder with Mark Dolan (Cyrid Media Founder) at Essex Digital Platform. Tom and his team specialize in incubating comprehensive multi-channel marketing plans for clients using digital marketing as the foundation.