Connected TV

Looking to take your digital video campaigns to the big screen or amplify your omnichannel campaigns? Turn on Connected TV (CTV) today. Target, measure, and retarget TV-viewing audiences—just like any other channel in the platform.

Audience Targeting With household targeting ensures that your TV commercials are getting in front of the right viewers. To activate CTV targeting, we simply build an audience in the Data Management Platform (DMP) using first- or third-party data. Use digital and traditional metrics to analyze the impact of your CTV campaign. Whether you’re measuring video completion rate, gross ratings points (GRPs), or even attributing conversions driven by your CTV commercials, we give you the tools you need to quantify success.

CTV Retargeting Retargets households that have seen your CTV commercials. Use CTV retargeting feature to serve ads to the same users across other devices. With CTV retargeting, you can now generate a full-funnel strategy for individual households.