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26650 Renaissance Parkway Suite D4, Cleveland, Ohio 44128

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216-896-0288 (Phone) 216-896-0287 (Fax)


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Monday – Friday 8 AM – 6 PM

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Frequently asked questions:

Is Cyrid Media a full-Service ad agency?

We pride ourselves on being a full-service ad agency in a very modular sense. Although we are full-service for some clients, others tap into a single area of expertise only. As much as we’d like all of our clients marketing business, we realize the direction of this industry is drifting away from the large full-service ad agency model. In fact, we work very successfully with competing ad agencies on behalf of our collective client.

What does Cyrid" mean?

The name “Cyrid” is a hybrid of Mark’s two grandfathers first names: Cyril Haas and David Dolan. Mark chose this name for his company so that he could have a daily reminder of what is most important to him – family.

What makes your Ad Agency different?

Cyrid Media is a very Digital-Centric, data-driven company. We don’t like to make media decisions for clients based on hunches and assumptions. We seek empirical data that exposes consumer trends and behavior that in turn minimizes the clients risk and increases their rate of return on their marketing dollars. Digital marketing becomes the cornerstone of our go-to market strategy for most of our clients. The tracking data we gather from our initial digital efforts only strengthens traditional media that we subsequently recommend, create and place for our clients. We believe this non-linear, spherical approach makes us very different.