Email Newsletter Targeting

We have access to over 1,200 publisher domains. We are then able to serve ads inside e-mail newsletters that are contextually targeted based on the category of the publisher.
The email newsletter ad will only be delivered to a target that subscribes to the newsletter and the category fits the product or service of client.

A popular tourist destination on the east coast hosts an annual Adams County, Pa Pour Tour. This is an opportunity for beer and wine enthusiast to discover the unique tastes of this County with a self-guided journey along the Adams County Pour Tour. We utilized email newsletter targeting and target individuals who have subscribed to newsletters that fit the categories of wine, travel, leisure, craft beer, weekend getaways, history and more.

Some of the publications/categories that we target for this campaign, with the GEO area of Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Washington DC.

  1. Wine Enthusiast
  2. Craft Beer & Brewing
  3. Travel & Leisure
  4. Wine Spectator
  5. American History
  6. Food & Wine