Media Planning and Buying has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. The confluence of traditional and digital advertising has warranted a new approach. 

Central to our traditional media planning and buying approach is our use of the industry-leading Freewheel planning and buying platform. Freewheel’s revolutionary system integrates all media into one cohesive database and user interface. Freewheel has integrated automated tools for order delivery, confirmations, makegoods, Client Approvals, Electronic Invoices, and much more.

With the advent and emergence of Digital online advertising, we have invested heavily in our own in-house digital ad solution, Essex Digital Platform. Our Digital Ad Platform features real-time access to Display, Pre-Roll and In-Stream Video, Mobile In-App and Social Media inventory for layered behavioral, demographic and contextual ad delivery.

With Freewheel and Essex Digital Platform, we’ve created a comprehensive Integrated Marketing Intelligence System to help our clients negotiate the ever-changing marketing landscape. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your Media Planning and Buying different?

Specifically, we have well over 75 years of ad buying experience in our media buying department at any given time. From local Gorilla marketing to regional multi-state campaigns, to national marketing initiatives, we have seen and done it all over the years. We have also committed ourselves to always deploying the most state-of-the-art media planning and buying tools and technology available. No we are not one of the largest Ad Agencies in the Midwest. However,  we can assure anyone we are on par with any media buying house on Madison Avenue in NYC when it comes to experience and capability.

What is Cyrid Media's Digital Ad Platform and what does it do?

Cyrid Media’s digital ad platform is a state-of-the-art online display advertising platform with real-time access to display, pre-roll video, mobile and social media inventory for pure behavioral ad delivery.

Additionally, the platform provides access to advanced data filters to isolate conversions, CPM, CPC, CPA, variance testing, last-click attribute, causal attribute, KPIs, retargeting efforts, “look-alike” audience analysis, and so much more.

I already buy digital ads. Why do i need Cyrid Media?

Well, to properly answer that question, lets look at your current options for buying online display ads as it stands today. First, you can buy display ads yourself by going directly to online publishing sites.

Be prepared to pay very high CPM costs and expect to have little to no “reach” because you are only buying one website at a time. Make sure you have plenty of time to sit down with the legions of online publisher sales reps who all believe their site is perfect for you whether it is or not. Also, be prepared to get little to no feedback from your rep while your campaign is live, and don’t expect any meaningful reporting after your campaign is over.

Another option is to buy your display ads through an online ad network. However, most ad networks focus on buying remnant publisher inventory from the ad exchanges. A heavy skew on remnant inventory can deliver better cpms, but it restricts you to lower quality inventory with limited targetability which ultimately will negatively affect your cost per conversion.

You can avoid some of this by purchasing from ad networks that specialize in premium inventory, but expect to pay a very high CPMs. And don’t expect any dynamic campaign feedback or transparency from most ad networks, which we feel is essential to the success of any online campaign. What good is data if the information you are receiving is not actionable. With Cyrid Media, we navigate you past all of the above-mentioned pitfalls of buying display ads.

Our focus starts with your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and continues all the way through to conversion. We provide meaningful, customized scale to your online display efforts by delivering timely, targeted, affordable impressions to your potential customers when they are in the market to purchase.

Our value proposition to our clients combines best in class technology with top-shelf service at a reasonable cost to deliver the results you need. There are big changes going on in the digital advertising spectrum right now. We believe we are on the leading edge in this market. No other company is doing what we are doing right now. Join us!

What level of reporting do I get after the campaign is over?

After the campaign is over? We provide dynamic, ongoing reports while the campaign is live! This is one of the cornerstones of our foundation. The data we collect about your website users affords us insight into their online behaviors. This intelligence is critical to the success of your campaign. If you receive this data after the campaign is over, you’ve lost a tremendous opportunity to fine-tune your efforts.

Our reporting portal is second to none. All of our clients receive a secure login where they can see multiple reports and metrics. These reports are updated dynamically daily.

What makes Cyrid Media's digital ad solution different than others?

Transparency, Actionable Data and Ongoing Service. Try getting all three of these anywhere else.

Most digital ad networks and platforms are set up to handle scale. By this we mean, they are geared up to handle tens of thousands of clients. As a result, clients get very little actionable data back during and after the campaign  unless you are a fortune 500 company spending millions with them. For most clients, they get funneled into a  “one size fits all” module managed by a young rep with very little digital ad experience and incapable of providing meaningful input.

As you can image, the churn rate in these digital ad mills is very high. However, this is of very little concern for these networks and platforms because there are so many new clients coming in at this stage of the technology curve.

We have a very different approach. From the very beginning, we are ultra-transparent with our clients. We explain the entire process, learn their definition of what success looks like upfront, and then begin the process of managing their campaigns based on stated key performance indicators. All throughout the campaign, we share the incoming data with our clients and this dynamic intelligence then guides future decisions. All of this data is compiled and inputted into our industry-leading secure reporting portal on a daily basis for client review.

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Cyrid Media has become an intregal part of our marketing team here at W.F. Hann and Sons. They have proven their worth in many ways. Tom and Brendan continually impress us with their passion for what they do and their relentless attention to the little things. Since we hired Cyrid Media, our sales have steadily risen. Cyrid Media is a big part of our success!

Karen Johnson: W.F. Hann & Sons President

Our Strengths

Being very transparent to our clients 100%
Providing actionable data dynamically 100%
Ongoing Service 100%