Petitti Garden Center


Anne Dorsey

Anne Dorsey, Director Of Advertising for Petitti Garden Centers, has been instrumental in helping the Petitti family build a strong and well-respected brand for many years now in the Cleveland market. However, their marketing efforts, although very well done, did not take full advantage of the digital ad opportunities that are now available. She asked us for help.


Our task was to migrate our client’s ad budget to include several forms of digital advertising without increasing their overall ad spend, and without losing their market share.

We were tasked with developing a newer, younger-skewing marketing plan that would reach younger gardeners while not ignoring their traditional older-skewing customer base.


Utilizing the company’s first-party data, we produced a Petitti Garden Centers’ current customer persona. This exercise confirmed their current customer base heavily skewed older. When we reviewed their current marketing plan, it was evident they were not getting their message out to a new generation of gardeners. The following is what we implemented for them:

* Created audience model of current customers to understand primary older-skewing customer
* Created a second audience model based on secondary, younger-skewing customer base.
* Implemented digital ad strategies to target and grow secondary, younger customer base.
* Introduced display behavioral banner ad targeting, contextual targeting, website retargeting, connected tv, online video (pre/mid/post roll), Spotify, Google Ads, YouTube, paid and organic social media, and email newsletter banner targeting.


“We have brought new perspective to the organization and influenced the marketing in a way that is positively impacting the business. They experienced a particularly challenging spring due to exceedingly rainy months in May and June, and still the business rebounded and we’ve enjoyed strong 3 rd and 4 th quarters. Our comprehensive approach which included a focus on existing , older customers as well as new, younger customers has enabled them to maximize their traditional media spend,  navigate new digital media, and better leverage their content marketing assets and tactics.”


Alex King: Indians
“The team at Cyrid Media introduced us to some very advanced digital marketing tactics that we’ve been able to incorporate into our digital ad strategy. Everything that we do digitally has to tie back to ticket sales and a strong return on ad spend. Cyrid Media’s digital ad solutions consistently perform well for us.”
Alex King
Cleveland Indians
“Since we’ve been working with Cyrid Media, we’ve seen exponential growth in our website traffic, and as a result, our qualified leads are way up. “
Jorge Solorio
Cyrid Media has become an intregal part of our marketing team here at W.F. Hann and Sons. They have proven their worth in many ways. Tom and Brendan continually impress us with their passion for what they do and their relentless attention to the little things. Since we hired Cyrid Media, our sales have steadily risen. Cyrid Media is a big part of our success!
Karen Johnson
W.F. Hann & Sons
Adam Huff
These guys just really get it! We have been with them since 2003 and our business has grown every year since. They stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing and advertising. As a result, we stay ahead of our competition. You just can’t ask for anything more out of a marketing firm.
Adam Huff
Fred Martin Auto Group