Fred Martin Superstore


Drive potential car buyers to their website where they can fill out a credit application


Tom Lucarelli, Tom Kramer


The holy grail for this client is getting online users to fill out a credit application. Once this occurs, their close ratio is very high. To achieve this goal, we first attach tracking tags to everyone that goes to their website. From these tags, we gather critical behavioral and contextual data on these online users, which allows us to then create a composite model of people who are engaging with their brand.

Once we have this model in place, we then can formulate an online ad buy targeted to those users that look just like individuals that make up the model but who haven’t visited their website yet.  As more tag data comes in from this ad campaign, we can then sort out those who have converted by means of filling out a credit application from those who have not, and send retargeting ads to these two groups based on their status with our client. As a result, the intelligence we collect on people who are engaging with our client becomes very granular and hyper-relevant to the end-users car buying decision process.


We dramatically increased their conversions while at the same time doubled their internal close rate. THIS CONFIRMS THAT ALL THE TARGETING WE EXECUTED WAS/IS REACHING THE RIGHT PEOPLE AT THE RIGHT TIME DURING THEIR CUSTOMERS BUYING CYCLE.

An added benefit of having a working composite model of our clients customer base is that we can be more targeted with our traditional ad efforts on TV and radio.