The Cleveland Indians


Digital Advertising to Millennials


Tom Lucarelli, Planning and Buying

Nick Pietravoia, Creative Design

A huge challenge for The Cleveland Indians, and for all MLB teams for that matter, is to find ways to bring Millennials (Adults:18:34) into the ballpark. This demographic group is difficult to reach through traditional media channels such as TV, Print and Radio. Knowing this, we laid out a plan to reach millennials through various digital channels including game apps, mobile, IPvideo, video on demand, and through programmatic display ad exchanges. Specific ad messaging targeted to this age group included low-priced ticket offers coupled with a free drink in a newly renovated section of the ballpark.


The Cleveland Indians ROAS (return on advertising spent) spiked to over a 100-to-1 ratio at certain points throughout the campaign. Millennials packed the “Corner Bar” section of the ballpark where $13 tickets and a free drink were offered.