Online Video

Online video plays before, during or after the streaming video, animation, gaming and music video content that the consumer has requested (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll).
Video on a true omnichannel RTB platform is incredible. With our platform, you can easily manage your video campaigns to reach the right viewer with an ad that is delivered in-view, on-target, and in the right context.

We make it easy to reach the right audience. Plus, you’ll have total control over your video advertising—from start to finish. We’ll connect you with more than 20 ad exchanges, such as Doubleclick AdExchange, Index Exchange, and Telaria.

And our video reporting process is second to none. No matter how you measure success – gross rating points (GRPs), video completion rates (VCRs), or Viewability – our reports will give you the insights you’re looking for. You’ll be able to track your customer’s journey across all of their screens and favorite channels.